Inventory system
Open stock transparent and real-time insight

Cost reduction
Important cost reduction and a certain profit increase

All under one roof
Storage, transport and extensive reports of your open stock

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The right set of tires on the right car with each tire swap

Delivery and pick-up of tire sets within one day

The perfect alternative for your lack of space

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We offer air. And we are proud of that!
In fact, you will be very happy too!

You also notice an increase of winter tires for your customers. A good trend; more safety in the unpredictable weather will surely result to a better return on your contracts. The increase in winter tires also ensures that reuse of
your open stock will become more interesting. But then, you must know as lessor what the current state of the tire is and where it is stored. That is not easy for many lease companies!

And voilà, here we appear around the corner!

BANDEN® offers you a solution® displays your open stock precisely and real-time. This means that you know at any time what the current status of your open stock is and you can easily reuse it. Our system is directly linked to Dealer Tire management (Dealer Banden Beheer). This brings you a substantial saving of costs, avoids unnecessary purchase of new sets and offers sustainable use of your investment because of longer use of tires and wheel sets.® - Active link to DBB

An extra service is only interesting if it is accurate, fast and cost-saving. We are fully aware of this and that is why we meet all the criteria. Our package works intuitively, is very easy to use and offers you that leeway you are looking for the optimal use of your open stock. The link with DBB simplifies the input and management of all data.

The package also offers you extensive reports with management information and gives you insight into the journalized contracts.

BANDEN® - your open stock exact and real-time insight® - open stock sets accurately registered

How does this work at®?

"Replace damage-free tires & balance tires via most modern equipment "
"Your wheels are spotlessly clean via ultrasonic cleaning"
"Dot the i’s and cross the t’s via accurate treatment"
"Extended track & trace through accurate scanning "® offers more...

Through our years of collaboration with lease companies, we are well acquainted with the questions and wishes from this specific market. We are supportive to your operational organization and have built in specific services for this.

(Winter) tires wear out and must be replaced. Because of lack of insight on the open stock, conveniently is chosen for a new set. A sin, because return on your contracts drop rapidly and the provision on the ROB figure is probably not sufficient enough.® creates transparency in usable sets and helps you make the right choices. By efficiently using your open stock, the return on your contracts grow.

How does that work at®?

An active link with DBB
Via the DBB system we offer the possibility to include usable sets in the open Stocks. The status and availability of sets is continuously managed and we take care of reuse any time you desire. Both home and abroad.

Our customers particularly appreciate our flexibility and accuracy and praise our partnership mentality. This encourages us to perform our service even better every day.
A dedicated team monitors open stock sets and registers accurately DBB size, brand, type and tread depth of all wheels / tire sets. You have this directly and real-time insight for all brands, all types and all options regarding your current contracts. Management information you can control and on which you can determine to make the right choices.® understands the language of the lease company and supports you in your business. Open stock sets are immediately available and are directly visual in clear overviews. As a lease company you can immediately make use of this and select the right links. Incidentally even if you opt for new tire sets, this is also part of our services. We ensure we correctly link with vehicle or garage and arrange for this new set the storage and transport.®; everything in one place.

The result: investments made by you are optimal and sustainable employed. The matching and reuse means an important cost reduction and a certain profit increase!® open stock sets accurately registered

Simple is the hardest, but the most beautiful.

Our customers confirm that we can rightly say:® ensures the right connection with the vehicle or garage, the transport and the storage. Everything in one place; to think about service, storage, transport and a large portion of thinking along...
That relieves and offers air!

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