Inventory system
Open stock transparent and real-time insight

Cost reduction
Important cost reduction and a certain profit increase

All under one roof
Storage, transport and extensive reports of your open stock

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The right set of tires on the right car with each tire swap

Delivery and pick-up of tire sets within one day

The perfect alternative for your lack of space

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We offer air. And we are proud of that!
In fact, you will be very happy too!

The use of winter tires is increasing. A good trend because it’s safe in the unpredictable weather. Swapping and saving the summer- or winter set is an extra service that you can offer your customer. But how will you be able to offer that? And where? Storage of tires and rims require space. A lot of space. Besides expensive handling it also requires a good logistics system to match the right set with the right car every six months.

And voilà, here we come around the corner!

BANDEN® has the perfect solution for this: Comfort and Service in one!® stores the tires, rims and complete sets for you and your customer. We organize transport, cleaning and maintenance of the tire / rim and we take care of safe and secure storage. Our extensive information system handles precise registration, in- and outtake. This way you are always ensured of the right set of tires matching the right customer during each tire swap.

Furthermore an easy and fast system. One digital notification on your account and the next day you have the tires in the garage. We take the previous set along with us. No hassle, no space that is permanently wasted on storage, no hassle with swaps and searching for the right sets. Is that convenient or is that convenient? In other words: does not that give you air?® convenience and service in one

"Replace damage-free tires & balance tires via most modern equipment "
"Your wheels are spotlessly clean via ultrasonic cleaning"
"Dot the i’s and cross the t’s via accurate treatment"
"Real-time and your tire / wheel sets precisely visible"

How does® work?

The return request of a tire / wheel set in 3 steps:
1. You register one or more tire swaps online, possibly via Dealer Tire Management (Dealer Banden Beheer).
2. You receive the wheel set the day before the planned wheel swap.
3. Your customer can be helped immediately on the scheduled date, so no more waiting.

Registering for storage in 3 steps:
1. You report online the wheel sets that need pick-up, if wanted via Dealer Tire Management (Dealer Banden Beheer).
2. You choose the desired service package.
3. You have the wheel sets ready for pick-up so® ensures trouble-free transport.

What happens to the sets at®

That depends on your wishes. We offer an advanced service package. The choice is yours.® provides transport from garage to storage. In our storage facility your tires are free insured against fire and theft* during the season that they are in our custody and also by us during transport. We keep an accurate registration so that mistakes are excluded during swap. That speaks for itself. But more is possible when desired.

We clean the wheel sets.
We balance the wheels.
We check for damage(s).
We repair damaged wheels.
We offer replacement of rim and tire at a competitive price.
We store the tires safely and insured in our conditioned storage facility during the season.

At your request we prepare the tires for transport and within one day the delivery takes place. The already swapped sets are picked up and the cycle starts again.

*Ask about the conditions.® offers an advanced service package.

Thè alternative

We speak a bit lightly about our services, but® is the perfect alternative for your lack of space. Many business customers from the Netherlands and Belgium, including well-known brand dealers, car importers, garage owners and lease companies were ahead of you. They have chosen for convenience, space, extra service and transparency.
Are you going to do that too?

Simple is the hardest, but the most beautiful.

How easy can it be…

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